Miniature figure wargaming.  The representational scale is 1:1 – most of the time – and the skirmishes are fought on my four foot by four foot wargame table on homemade terrain.  To begin with, I’ll be using metal figures from RFM and Conquest Miniatures, for skirmishing arising from my Imagi-nation of Neu Zolms (don’t ask; it’s an alternate history imaginary settlement in North America).  From time to time, I’ll drift into other eras of wargaming and perhaps into a sailing ship naval campaign, but as I do, I’ll post about them, as well.

As I gain skill with the various programs and machines involved, I will be ‘printing’ my figures, including wagons, boats, artillery and various status markers the game rules will require by means of a 3D printer, from .stl files of models I am currently creating using Blender, which is an excellent freeware program for 3-d modelling.  My posts will report on my progress in model-making using that program, ‘printing’ those models using the 3D printer (not yet purchased, but I’m due a gift sometime this spring, I’m certain), cleaning, sanding (or whatever’s required to smooth the surface) and painting them, as well as more usual posts of battle reports, narratives of the solo campaign, some background on the campaign context, accompanied by photos to illustrate those posts as appropriate.


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