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Ready to Begin

My apologies to any out there who are actually following to see how my terrain, etc is coming along and who have been disappointed by the delay.  I have been moving some of my furniture around, making room for a permanent workbench and gaming table location in my house.  And, as I usually find in the process of doing such things, there is a lot more to move than I had anticipated as well as a lot more cleaning and sorting to be done – “keep this?”  “No, throw it out!” – and I have a lot more books and booklets and files of gaming notes etc. than I realized before I began.  Naturally, all this has required a lot more time than I had thought before I began.  In fact, it has required nearly two weeks more, as I just completed the moving around this Tuesday past and just today finished organizing the work area enough to begin working on the terrain pieces.  I will have a post with photos by Tuesday.  “Why not this weekend?”  Because I’m retired and, you see, that means I work on the weekends.  Isn’t life strange and irritating?  Look for a post on Tuesday, with photos, of the first steps in creating the terrain, perhaps with a short post on figures and painting.

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