Skirmish Tabletop Rules

I’m trying out the Long Rifle 18th Century skirmish rules from Two Hour Wargames.  So far I have only read through them, but they look to be a good set for solo play.  Instead of initiative rolls or card draw activation, there are a series of reaction tests that determine who does what.  Not just who does what, first, but literally who does what.  Does that mean there are tables to use?

Yes, of course it does, but I’m playing solo and if I get fussy with myself, well, I’ll just have to wait for the other guy to hurry up and read the tables, won’t I?  There aren’t a lot of tables, so I expect that once I am familiar with the flow of play and the tables and how many dice to roll, the game will play at a satisfactory pace.  How many dice to roll?  Yes, the game system uses six-sided dice and sometimes a lot of them.  Now, don’t misunderstand.  Long Rifle doesn’t use nearly as many dice as does Fletcher Pratt’s naval rules.  No buckets are required.  But, one could roll as many as 7 or 8 six-sided dice at once and read through looking for successes or misses.  So what?  I have quite a few D6 on hand.  After all, I played original D&D and all those other games (yes, including Pratt’s naval rules, which required about a basketball court to play successfully btw), and rolled bunches of ten-sided dice and twenty-sided dice and twelve-sided dice … get the point?  Just as with looking up the table results, I’m sure I’ll be patient enough for me to get the hang of how many dice each thing requires and if I am not, then I’ll probably leave myself and go play somewhere else; won’t I?  I do not forsee any problems with the dice-rolling, except the usual of rolling them on the floor or knocking over trees, figures, horses, etc and to forstall that, I’ll use a small wooden box to throw the dice into.  It would be tremendous if the Long Rifle rules could be adapted to skirmish warfare in the 19th and 20th Centuries as well as the 18th.  I’ll have to see if the system is good enough to want to write ‘add-on’ rules.  Or, I could always ask Ed to give me an ‘expansion’ to Long Rifle.  He’d probably tell me that one of his other rules sets works better than an add on; if he does (and if I like the Long Rifle rules) I’ll probably buy another rules set from him for the 20th Century.   But, that’s a ways down the road and I’m not writing a blog of wargames rules reviews.  Just letting you know what I’m trying and I’ll post on how the rules are working; probably not separately, but as a part of the AAR on the first couple of battles.  I’ve added a link to Two Hour Wargames to the Link list.  I hope to have a test game played next week and you can look for the AAR then.

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3 thoughts on “Skirmish Tabletop Rules

  1. Keep working ,fantastic job!

  2. Ike

    Thanks! I’ve got to move my computer – equipment, books, desk and internet hookup – next week, but I hope to get in my first skirmish game with the rules. I won’t have any terrain for it and only a few figures, some not painted, so I think I’ll content myself with an AAR (including game mechanics) without photos for my first game post.

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