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Neu Zolms – The Town

Neu Zolms, the town, is located at what the Haudenosaunee call “Deo-Wain-Sta”, or The Great Carrying Place.  This is the portage to and from the Mohawk River to the east and to and from Wood Creek to the west, leading to Lake Oneida and thence up to Lake Ontario.  Merchants and travelers coming up the Mohawk River from the Hudson have to  carry their cargo and boats overland between 1 & 3/4 and 6 miles (depending on the season) to continue west to Lake Ontario. Continue reading

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Creating Battlefield Terrain #1

After reading through the Long Rifles rules – several times! – and believing I have a good outline notion of how they work etc, my plan is changed.  I will use the “Campaign” rules in Long Rifle to start a series of learning games.  There is an interesting method of determining what the battlefield terrain will be; that is, what you need on the table top.  Naturally, it involves dice and tables!  I’ll set out here what I did last night in preparation for building tabletop terrain so you can “watch over my shoulder” as I go through the rules. Continue reading

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Skirmish Tabletop Rules

I’m trying out the Long Rifle 18th Century skirmish rules from Two Hour Wargames.  So far I have only read through them, but they look to be a good set for solo play.  Instead of initiative rolls or card draw activation, there are a series of reaction tests that determine who does what.  Not just who does what, first, but literally who does what.  Does that mean there are tables to use?

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Uniforms of Neu Zolms

Infantrie Regiment 4 provided the soldiers of Alt Zolms who escorted the settlers across the Atlantic and through the wilderness to their new homes.  Not surprisingly then, the Baronie’s regiment is IR-4.  The uniforms are after the page break. Continue reading

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A Brief History of Neu Zolms

The Great Plague originated in Holland sometime in the middle years of the 17th Century and spread from there throughout Europe via the trading ships of the Dutch, carrying their cargoes far and wide.  Unlike the “historical” Great Plague, it mutated into the horrifically contageous pneumonic form of Yersinia pestis shortly after arriving in England in 1665.  The entire population of London died including the entire Royal Family and nearly all of the members of Parliament and the nobility.  England, Scotland and Wales as well as the western nations of Europe were reduced to mere thousands of population by the 1670’s.  Millions died throughout Europe, with the contagation reaching the Ural Mountains by 1672 and Istanbul by 1673.  From there it spread throughout the Western nations only ceasing with the death of the final urban concentration in Europe, being the Venetian Republic. Continue reading

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